Dear Friends,


Two days after the US elections determine who our next president will be, two women who represent Cuba’s largest NGO, which coordinates most international ‘people-to-people’  activities with Cuba will be in Pittsburgh on their way to be the featured speakers of the National Network on Cuba’s meeting in Chicago, which will be the largest US meeting of organizations working with Cuba, to share perspectives on how US-Cuba policy will must likely proceed under a new administration.
We would like to invite you to meet these two women, Sandra Ramirez, who is the Director of the North American Division of ICAP, and her colleague Leima Martinez who also works in the North American Division, to hear their views on how we can all work to continue a process of ’normalization’ and not have it regress as it would under a Trump administration, or stagnate as it might under a Clinton administration. Only an act of congress can actually change policy towards normalization, US law locks the US into a policy of ‘regime change’ until congress acts.
We would like to invite you to share an evening with Sandra and Leima in a relaxed setting where your questions might be addressed.
On Thursday night, November 10th, beginning at 7:30 -10:00 PM interested parties can come to the Shiloh Grill at 123 Shiloh Street, Pgh. Pa. 15211 in Mt. Washington to meet our guests and engage in a fascinating evening of Cuba’s view of US-Cuba policy and its possibilities. We will meet on the 2nd floor. Food and drinks are available off a menu, but everyone will pay for themselves.  Please RSVP so we can give the grill a head’s up on how many guests to anticipate.
This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from two of Cuba’s most influential citizen’s on where we go from here….


Lisa Valanti
Vice President
Sister Cities Partnership