Our Mission

The Mission of the Pittsburgh-Matanzas Sister Cities Partnership is to expand our sister city relationship between the City of Pittsburgh and the City of Matanzas, Cuba, to foster understanding and bilateral cooperation through mutually beneficial exchanges between individuals, government officials, community groups, organizations, educational, environmental, cultural, sports, business, and other institutions. It is important that ordinary people be able to experience Cuba for themselves and form their own opinions.  Over the years, our work has expanded to encompass bilateral relationships within the entire nation of Cuba.
Our work focuses on these 4 objectives:

  1. Lift the illegal and immoral blockade (Extra-territorial economic and trade sanctions that impact world trade)
  2. Lift the Travel Ban (Allow Americans the same freedom of travel enjoyed by every other democratic nation.)
  3. Building International Relations that respect the independence and Sovereignty of Cuba
  4. Ending the illegal and immoral occupation of Guantanamo Bay (US is in outright violation of Treaty)