We had a great outreach day at Pitt for the Latin America Festival on Saturday, April 1st! We spoke to a few hundred people and collected 80 signatures on petitions to Congress and sold posters and key chains from Cuba and coffee mugs with our logo and a picture of Che/Fidel. Great food, music and info booths abound.

Plans are underway to greet and host the Pastors for Peace representative at a pot luck dinner and discussion on Monday, April 17th, at Kingsley Assoc in East Liberty. More info to be sent out shortly.

Lisa will be in Harrisburg speaking with Miguel Fraga and some state reps and LCB following up on the recent delegation to Cuba. Venceremos!

Special thanks to Ron, Imma, Dr. Moreno, Vene, Lisa, Jim Bonner, Lynn Squilla from the Cuba Opera event,  and others who were able to help out today.  And the little Fidelista who waved the Cuban flag in front of our booth!!