What We Do

Curious about Cuba? We create a space for people to experience Cuba for themselves and serve as ‘citizen diplomats’ by building sustainable personal friendships that bridge the many divides between our estranged nations.


We are a community-led organization that empowers people with a unique opportunity to work on sustainable projects that are driven by membership priorities, especially in areas of public interest: academic, cultural, arts and sports exchanges, energy innovation, healthcare, scientific and other research, environmental issues, commerce: almost any engagement that is of shared mutual interest to our Cuban counterparts.

“From the people of Cuba to the people of Pittsburgh”


If you want to go to Cuba, join us because we work with communities and institutions in Cuba with whom we have built solid relationships of respect and trust over decades, we are able to facilitate many organizations to connect with their Cuban counterparts to build sustainable relationships of mutual benefit.  We also work with individual sand specialized delegations to introduce them to a Cuba that is deeply rooted in Cuban history and culture, and almost impossible to experience with any other group or even visiting Cuba on your own.
Equally important to our work is bringing Cubans from all walks of life to Pittsburgh, so they can share their own life experiences, a perspective profoundly lacking in the US narrative about Cuba.


We advocate for legislative change in US policy that fully respects Cuba’s sovereignty and the right of the Cuban people to determine their own future separate from US ‘interventionism.